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Latest News
PRESS RELEASE: European Commission study shines light on the true cost of energy

The European Commission study on “Energy subsidies and costs in the EU”, released today, demonstrates that the direct total cost of conventional energy technologies, such as coal and nuclear, is much higher than the direct cost for solar energy.

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Latest News
Joint Industry Letter on the need for a strong 2030 RES target

In the run-up of the European Council which is expected to decide on a 2030 Climate and Energy package, 16 energy businesses & associations, including EPIA, have sent a Joint Letter to the EU Heads of State and Government calling on them to agree on a binding 2030 RES target of at least 30%.

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EPIA Report
Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2014-2018

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Latest News
Free trade is vital for the future of the solar industry

EPIA has recently taken a decision to support free trade in all solar products. In light of this EPIA announces its support for a quick conclusion to ...

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Latest News
PRESS RELEASE: A cost-effective energy transition requires streamlined regulation

PV GRID and REserviceS, two projects in which the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has been actively involved, have presented outsta ...

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