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EU PVTP Conference 2015

Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Building-Integrated Photovoltaics: Where Sustainability meets Aesthetics
8 July 2015, London, UK 2015

Buildings are our homes and, for many of us, the places where we work. Europe’s building stock is old and much of it inefficient. As it is replaced or renovated, opportunities arise to incorporate energy-saving techniques and energy-generating technologies in ways that look attractive while affording a comfortable, high-quality indoor environment. New buildings have an even greater potential for minimal energy demand and maximal self-sufficiency in energy supply. Even “nearly zero-energy buildings” are being built.

Programme outline

  • Session I: The opportunity represented by efficient, PV-equipped buildings
    Keynotes from leading industry figures, architects and engineers

  • Session II: A shared vision?
    Including a panel discussion where investors, architects, developers and representatives from the construction and BIPV industries compare their needs. Can those needs be met simultaneously at the right price?

  • Session III: The way ahead: collaboration to build beautiful PV-equipped buildings
    What might be the ways in which architects, builders and PV technology suppliers work more closely together?
Participation to this event is free of charge but registration is required. For more information click here.

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