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Past Events

European Forum for Science and Industry

27 January 2015, 8:30-14:30 - Brussels, Belgium

European Forum for Science and Industry is organising a Round Table discussion on Scientific support to Europe's photovoltaic manufacturing industry. The Round Table will present the X-Gigawatt project as a follow up from the 29 th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 2014 in Amsterdam.

The presentation of the case study and feedback from other European photovoltaic industrial initiatives will create discussion between experts, representatives from European institutions and Member States authorities, stakeholders from industry as well as financing bodies. The debate will be focusing to explore the possible role of the European Commission in supporting the recovery of the once flourishing European photovoltaic industry and retaining Europe's prominent place in research.

The Round Table discussion is divided in four sessions:

  • Session I: Opening
  • Session  II: Case Study: The European Gigawatt Factory initiative
  • Session III: Panel Discussion -"Re-launching Europe's PV industry"
  • Session IIII: Conclusions

EPIA's Policy Director, Frauke Thies, will be moderating the case study session.

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